ChocolateChip Has Its Own Blog

ChocolateChip, the little guy that does big things

So, ChocolateChip, the tiny JavaScript mobile Web framework that is only 8k when minified, now has its own blog: I put this blog together to show how ChocolateChip works and how you can use it to accomplish your coding needs. I also talk about best coding practices with ChocolateChip.

ChocolateChip can be so small because it doesn’t have to support ancient browsers or compensate for cross-browser nightmares. Instead it takes advantage of modern browsers’ implementation of the features in ECMAScript 5 and DOM level 3. The idea was to keep ChocolateChip simple, avoiding object wrappers and object obfuscation, and making everything interchangeable with regular JavaScript. That means you can adjust ChocolateChip to your coding style, not the other way around. You can substitute any ChocolateChip for your own code at any time. As a matter of fact, if you don’t like the default $, $$ aliases that ChocolateChip uses, open up the files and change them to whatever you want. ChocolateChip is open source with a BSD license, so if you want to add some feature, feel free to. And if you feel like sharing your feature with the rest of us, feel free to contact me.

Have a great day and enjoy your ChocolateChip.

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