ChocolateChip-UI 2.0

ChocolateChip Version 2.0
After many months of work, I’ve just launched ChocolateChip-UI 2.0. This was a major undertaking. Everything has been re-factored. Lots of bug fixes for widgets.

The most important thing is that now there is only one version of ChocolateChip-UI for ChocolateChip.js, jQuery and Zepto. Previously I had created a separate version for each library because of their differences. This mean that, in the case of jQuery and Zepto, they didn’t have the same feature set as the original ChocolateChip.js version. And bug fixing was driving me up the walls.

To reduce the complexity and simplify things, I created an abstraction layer so that ChocolateChip-UI works exactly the same with ChocolateChip.js, jQuery and Zepto.

I’ve also done some initial work for accessibility support for screen readers, although more needs to be done.

Check out the latest version of ChocolateChip-UI. Having a unified version mean I can now dedicate some time to creating and Android theme. And after that I intend on create a right to left version for languages using Arabic and Hebrew alphabets.