ChocolateChip-UI 4

So, after a lot of thought, we decided to push a lot of the features of TruckJS to ChocolateChip-UI. Why? Because of the brand. So many people were already using ChocolateChip-UI and it’s been out for four years.

To learn more about the new version, visit the website at

At the same time, we didn’t want to make the move from 3 to 4 too drastic for people used to the earlier version of ChocolateChip-UI. So we went back and simplified some of the things we were doing in TruckJS. The result is ChocolateChip-UI 4. All the layouts and widgets you need to make a mobile app quick. But we moved the heavy lift out of the ChocolateChip-UI Github repository and instead completely redid our NPM module Chui. Chui is now at version 2. It now is the main way you create your ChocolateChip-UI apps. It also lets you output all the ChocolateChip-UI examples to your desktop, as well as four references apps that show you how to create apps with plain JavaScript or with ES6 modules and a build step. It can also turn your app into a hybrid app to iOS and Android. It’s your one tool for everything you need to build your app.

You install Chui with the following NPM command:

 npm install -g chui

To learn more about Chui, visit the NPM page or read the install instructions at

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