Announcing ChocolateChip 3.0

So, I’ve been really, really busy this last year. And then something happened. ChocolateChip-UI, and myself, got acquired by Sourcebits With a company behind me, I started preparing a major update with support for iOS 6, Android Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8. Then something else happened. Apple held their World Wide Developers Conference and showed of iOS 7.

This was a show stopper. It was also a challenge. I was forced to rethink everything about how ChocolateChip-UI functioned. So, I decided to create a completely new version–from scratch. The result is a smaller, lighter and faster framework than before. The markup is slimmer, and the CSS and JavaScript are also much less. As a matter of face, you can change the look and feel of your app for iOS 7, Android and Windows Phone 8 but just switching the CSS file, that’s all. Your markup and JavaScript stays the same. It’s also easier to customize the CSS. Each OS theme comes with two versions: the default, and at the end, a dark version. The only difference between the two is that the dark version overrides the colors of the default theme. Using this approach, you cold copy the dark theme and change the colors to suit your branding needs.

Since ChocolateChip-UI was acquired by Sourcebits, the repository has moved to:

This new version sports the spiffy new look of iOS 7, and offers the sheet overlay that automatically blurs the underlying contents like iOS 7. This is done purely in CSS, of course. Download load it, and dig into the examples to see how they work. Look in the chui folder for the CSS and JavaScript to see how this was put together. And please visit for documentation and tutorials.

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