ChocolateChip-UI 2.1 for Android

ChocolateChip-UI has been updated with a theme styled after the dark Holo theme of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. ChocolateChip-UI 2.1 allows you to choose whether you want to target iOS or Android. If you create a standard ChocolateChip-UI app for iOS without any custom style modifications, you can turn it in an Android compatible app by just switching out the ChUI files. For iOS you use chui.ios.css, chui.ios.desktop.css and chui.ios.js, and for Android you use, and That’s all there is really. ChocolateChip-UI 2.1 enables you to create a custom color branded version by simply replace a half dozen colors in the three Android theme files. Visit to learn more about how to use ChocoalteChip-UI for Android. Most of the magic conversion from iOS to Android is done though CSS.


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