ChocolateChip-UI for jQuery

ChocolateChip-UI has been ported to jQuery. This means if your preferred JavaScript library is jQuery, you can now use this version of ChocolateChip-UI for creating mobile apps. It uses the latest version of jQuery for DOM traversing, manipulation and Ajax calls. It also includes jquery.tmpl.js to accommodate your tempting needs.

Because ChocolateChip.js was designed to work similar to jQuery, in most cases the port was trivial. However, jQuery’s wrapping of nodes in its object instead of returning an actual node introduced complications that I did run into in the regular version of ChocolateChip.

The end result of the port is that ChocolateChip-UI’s controls work the same as they always have. There are only some slight difference in how callbacks are handled in a couple of places. If you’ve already been using the regular version of ChocolateChip and want to switch to the jQuery version, open up and examine the provided examples to see if you need to change anything. In most cases you won’t.

ChocolateChip-UI for jQuery:
On Github: rbiggs/chocolatechip-ui-jq

To learn more about how to use ChocolateChip-UI, visit

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