Why Install a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a cost-effective alternative to oil and fan heaters. They are also cleaner and more efficient than traditional heating options.

You’re unlikely to get any change from $2,300-$3,500 upfront but you ‘should regain that in electricity savings over time’.

The standard series has plenty of features and one of the largest capacity ranges, making it a great fit for any Auckland home.

1. Energy efficiency

Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from the air into a room. They’re one of the most energy efficient forms of fixed heating in New Zealand, and they can also double as an air conditioner during warmer weather. According to EECA Energywise, an oil heater with a heating capacity of eight to 21 degrees costs around $4.30 a day to run ($30c/kWh) – while a comparable sized model of an air-to-air heat pump like a Daikin FTXM50 produces the same amount of heat for under a dollar per day (at 95c/kWh).

In addition, heat pumps don’t produce any carbon emissions and they use much less energy than other heating options such as gas fires or fan heaters. As a result, your home will be greener and have lower power bills. Most homeowners quote energy efficiency as the main reason why they choose a heat pump Auckland. Nevertheless, the exact running cost of a heat pump depends on various factors such as the size and layout of the house, the climate in your area, and the insulation in your home.

2. Convenience

Heat pumps warm your home in winter and cool it in summer, but they also keep the air clean and fresh. They are easy to install, even in existing homes, and they have minimal maintenance requirements. They are a great alternative to gas fires and fan heaters, and they can be used for air conditioning as well.

The best Auckland heat pump companies offer comprehensive services to help you save money and energy. They will do more than just supply the unit – they will also take care of installation and ensure that your home is fully insulated.

One of the best Auckland heat pump companies is Flocon. They have a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous professionals who are dedicated to providing quality service. They will assess your house and lifestyle to provide the best system for you. They can also give you a free in-home assessment and quote. They are authorised Fujitsu installers, but they can set up other models too.

3. Noise

In the past noise has been a common complaint from homeowners in medium-density housing where split-unit heat pumps are installed. The outdoor units of these systems – consisting of a fan and compressor – produce sound and vibrations which can be transferred to neighbouring homes.

According to Canstar Blue research, heat pump owners are generally satisfied with the operating noise levels of their unit. However, some units may be prone to produce unusual tonal type sounds such as screeching or buzzing.

These can be caused by a variety of factors such as worn bearings or a limitation on the life of some limited-life components in the fan. Regular maintenance can minimise the chances of these occurring.

Also, the position of your heat pump outdoor unit can influence the noise it produces. It’s best to avoid having the unit facing bedrooms and living areas where occupants are likely to sleep. This will help to mitigate unreasonable noise levels that could be causing interference with sleep patterns.

4. Installation

When you have the right team of professionals to advise and install heat pumps Auckland, you can make your home as comfortable as you want while saving energy, money and the environment. Flocon Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning have been in business for 96 years and have a highly competent, experienced and competitive team that can help you with all your heating needs.

They offer a range of heat pumps from Toshiba, with their patented DC Hybrid Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor technology that allows them to give warmth while reducing electricity use. They also have simultaneous heating and cooling capabilities to meet the needs of every home.

They have a range of different models that include high wall, ceiling or low wall units and can be installed in a new home or retrofitted to existing homes. They can even do ducted heat pump installation in new construction, and work with your builder or project manager to ensure the system is designed in from the start of the building process.

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