ChocolateChip-UI for Zepto

I’ve ported ChocolateChip-UI to the JavaScript micro framework Zepto. Created by Thomas Fuchs of Scriptaculous fame, Zepto is a small JavaScript library for mobile devices that replicates the functions of jQuery. If you use jQuery but want to do mobile development and are disappointed with jQuery mobile’s size and performance, Zepto may be your solution. Zepto has a very small footprint and performs well on mobile devices. But Zepto provides only the equivalent of jQuery itself. If you need something to help you get your interface and widgets together, ChocolateChip-UI with Zepto provides a complete solution.

Although Zepto’s methods are the same as jQuery’s, it is not a clone of jQuery. The way it works internally is quite different. Yet it literally only took me a few hours to port the jQuery version of ChocolateChip-UI to Zepto. One major difference is that Zepto’s data method stores strings on a node using HTML5’s data attribute, whereas jQuery’s data method uses a sophisticated caching system to store any kind of data. However, on mobile browsers, HTML5 offers local storage and client side database for data persistence so this isn’t that big of a limitation. It does require more work (coding) on your part to accomplish the same thing that jQuery’s data method provides.

Check out .

Performance and size-wise, ChocolateChip-UI with Zepto is equivalent to ChocolateChip-UI with ChocolateChip. So, it’s really just up to a matter of personal preferences. If you like the coding conventions that jQuery demands, then go with Zepto. If you’d prefer more freedom to use normal JavaScript and want to break out of the jQuery mold, go with ChocolateChip.

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